Richard Brautigan

De stjerhalmaspilers / The Chinese Checker Players



Richard Brautigan

De stjerhalmaspilers

Doe’t ik seis jier âld wie
spile ik stjerhalma
mei in frou
dy’t trijeënnjoggentich wie.
Se libbe op harsels
yn in appartemint
by ús ûnder yn ’e hal.
Alle moandei-en tongersdeitejûnen
spilen wy stjerhalma.
Under it spyljen hie se it ornaris
oer har man
dy’t santich jier lyn stoarn wie,
en wy dronken tee, ieten koekjes
en skelmen.

(Oersetting: Piter Boersma)


The Chinese Checker Players

When I was six years old
I played Chinese checkers
with a woman
who was ninety-three years old.
She lived by herself
in an apartment down the hall
from ours.
We played Chinese checkers
every Monday and Thursday nights.
While we played she usually talked
about her husband
who had been dead for seventy years,
and we drank tea and ate cookies
and cheated.

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