Rab Wilson

Eemages (Skotsk)


Lat eemages
gang heelstergowdie ower ane anither
lik dugs daffin
lat eemages bark doon vennels.

Lat truck-loads o fleecy eemages
pearl an sweit
lik happit yowes in the simmer sun.

First nick thon rottweiler in the vennel
then grup the dear auld doggie’s tail
cairry oan wi eemages brunt eemages
cairry oan wi roastit dugs doon vennels.

Gang oan

Redd the left-ower dugs intae dustpans
brek intae cheers at dug monuments

say: we eemages are wrocht frae mairble
an didnae really waant tae be lik this
but oor barkin players wull keep oan gaun
they’re shair tae gang oan.

Load a truckfu o eemages: sheep eemages
but lat: the spittin eemages o sheep in green pastures gang
an forget the mirror eemages o sheep
forget thae blate bleaters.… Lês fierder